Lemongrass Restaurant


You'd be hard-pressed not to get hooked on The Lemongrass.

The cafe's servers are friendly, welcoming and proficient. Solo diners are treated with as much care and appreciation as large parties seated around a teeming turntable, even when it's busy.

The Lemongrass does a superb job with all the standard dishes I use for evaluating a Vietnamese restaurant -- and then some.

Penelope Corcoran, Restaurant Critic
Seattle Post-Intelligencer


Lemongrass, on the border of First Hill and the Central District, has an appealing air, with ceramic accessories and bamboo accents dressing up mint-green walls. The same goes for the big, colorful menu chock-full of helpful pictures, which eliminate the need for much explanation from the prompt serving staff.

The Lemon Garlic Beef is a treat.

Nicole Tsong
Seattle Times


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